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Mrs. Molinaro

7th Grade Life Science
May 27, 2017
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Welcome to Mrs. Molinaro's Science 7 Homepage


Science ExperimentThank you for visiting our class website for the 2016-2017 school year.  This site is designed to:

  • keep you up-to-date on class assignments
  • provide access to informational resources and helpful science links
  • allow you to access important class files from any location through Google Drive


I hope that both parents and students will find this website helpful in staying informed about what is going on in our science classroom throughout the school year.

Course Information

Seventh grade science is a life science/biology based course where we will be studying living things.  We will start the year with an introduction to lab safety and science skills.  Throughout the year we will cover many topics including cells and their function, the microscope, heredity, evolution, and ecology.

Throughout this course, you will have the opportunity to perform experiments and engage in hands-on learning activities.  We will be using laboratory equipment and learning how to use the microscope.  Additionally, technology will be used regularly as part of student learning.  It is essential for the success of everyone in the class that we all act responsibly and follow all lab rules and directions. 

Our class is a collaborative environment where we all must work together in a productive way.  A positive attitude and mutual respect will ensure that everybody gets the most out of instruction and has a great time in science class.

Extra Help

Every student deserves the opportunity to do their best and have a successful year.  I am available for extra help after school on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 until 3:00 pm.  Please be aware that I will not be available the first Wednesday of each month due to a faculty meeting.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns via phone at (845)-615-6300 or e-mail at  Please include the best time and telephone number to reach you, even if you contact me via e-mail. 


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