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Special Education
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I have been a teacher at the C. J. Hooker Middle School for fourteen years.  I received an Associate in Arts Degree from Orange County Community College, a Bachelors Degree in Education from Dominican College, and in 1996 a Masters Degree from Fordham University in Special Education.  In 2008, I also completed my course work and received a Masters Degree in School Counseling from the College of New Rochelle.  I am married, have eight children and five grandchildren. 

Teaching is a commitment that I take very seriously.  My mission as a teacher is to dedicate myself to helping students reach their potential.  Our middle school students are exposed to a rigorous program that follows demanding core-curriculum goals.  Therefore, students will achieve favorable outcomes when they are focused, organized, and complete all homework assignments.  I am available after school and during lunch periods to re-teach, re-explain, and offer support to those students who may need more clarification or more time on certain tasks to reach success.

Teachers at C. J. Hooker Middle School work hard to make sure all students advance towards improving their skills in order to become fulfilled, self-sufficient, and contributing members of our country andSuccess is measured by effort. Poster global society.

You may contact me at: or by calling the C.J. Hooker Main Office at 845-615-6300.





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On the left side of this website, you will  find some links that can be helpful for studying and practicing skills.  I hope they can be fun and worth your time. 


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