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Mr. Bennis 

U.S. History and Government, Participation in Government, U.S. Military History
May 27, 2017
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The best advice I can give for success in my class is to follow my directions because I want to see you do the best that you possibly can in my class!

United States History and Government
This is a full year regents level course which has a midterm half way through the school year and requires students to pass the New York State Regents exam which is taken at the end of the school year.  U.S. History and Government is taught in chronological order starting with geography and the colonization of America continuing throughout the year until we finish with present issues and government decisions.
 The website is a great resource for reviewing all periods in U.S. History.

Participation in Government
This is a half year required course that is taken in the senior year.  Students must pass this course to graduate.  This course concentrates on how our government works with a concentration on the Constitution, voting behavior, political ideologies and Supreme court decisions.  This course ends with a final exam.

United States Military History
This course is a half year elective that studies U.S. military history from WWII to the present.  This class  recognizes the horror of war, sacrifice of our military members, and lessons learned but not always followed by our leaders.  The human element and war's affect on people and nations is studied throughout this course.  This course ends with a final exam. 

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