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Special Education-Social Studies/Algebra 1
May 27, 2017
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Welcome to Mr. Rivera's Home Page

 Goshen High School, Goshen, NY

Hello! My name is Mr. Rivera and I want to welcome you to my home page. Thanks for visiting!Mr. Rivera in Grand Turk


I am a 1987 graduate of SUNY @ Albany and got my masters degree from Mercy College in 2009. I was born in NYC and lived in the Bronx until I was 6 years old, then moved to Middletown, where I spent the rest of my childhood. I graduated from Middletown High School (Yeah I know..BOOOO) and went on to college. I graduated with a major in history and a minor in political science. I even spent time working in the state legislature as an intern. Teaching is actually my second career, I spent time as a retail manager, merchandiser, and product trainer, all of which required me to teach people what I know. Imparting useful knowledge is something I have enjoyed all my life, so with my degrees, it really wasn't that much of a stretch to become a professional educator. I have lived in several locations in the northeast, including Connecticut, Massachusetts, and upstate New York. I came to the district in 2005 as a substitute, and have been teaching here full time since 2007. I got my masters degree from Mercy College in special education. I recently bought a home in the area. I love this community and really enjoy working at GHS. I am an avid cyclist and self confessed car guy (I am a member of a local car club). Last but certainly not least, I love baseball and am a huge Yankee fan.

    TEAChing Philosophy   

  • I believe that there is no excuse for not trying. Always give your best, and I will help you take care of the rest.
  • One size does not fit all. Everyone learns differently.
  • I am always open to improving as an educator. I hold both high standards for myself and my students. I remember a quote from the esteemed Dr. Carl Sagan, who said, "The quest for knowledge is the tool for our survival."
What classes do I teach?

As a special education teacher, in many cases I have to be versed in multiple subjects. I currently teach social studies (Global 10) and Algebra 1B.

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