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MS. Schwerner

Library Media Specialist
Goshen Intermediate and Scotchtown Avenue
May 27, 2017
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Hello!  Hello Kitty Reads Banned Books

My name is Aliya Schwerner and I am the Library Media Specialist for grades K-5!

I am at the GIS library on A-weeks and at the SAS library on B-weeks. 

The library is a place to learn, to create, to have fun, and of course, to read!  We will be doing many great things this year.  In addition to becoming independent library users, students will be creating a deeper understanding of ideas and about their world around them through books, websites, databases, and activities.  The students will build upon the skills they learn each year in the library, leading them to success in the present and in the future.

Stay on the lookout for library-hosted monthly events.  These are events that will get the whole school involved!

Please stop in the library with a smile and a hello!  I can’t wait to meet you!

Why do we need school libraries?



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(Photo image by Oakland-based artist and activist Melanie Cervantes)



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